In an ever changing world where Information Technology is being used so extensively, and with most businesses embracing IT as part of their operations and value chain, it is vital for one to get up to speed with opportunities in the IT industry.  Things are changing rapidly and with new IT being introduced, new industries are being born – There has never been a better time to take advantage of growing job opportunities and new career development paths that could potentially emerge.

Microsoft combines proven learning methodologies with the latest technology, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed and that you get the most value from your IT training investment.

Idleads Online is an initiative that was introduced as a division of the existing training company Idleads (Pty) Ltd.  The main focus of the online division is to bring online learning to clients wanting to gain knowledge in the IT space, a rapidly evolving industry.  Our aim is to allow individuals the opportunity and flexibility of completing self-study training online, so they can comfortably complete the courses at their own pace.  For those who would like to take a further step and write the exam, we are a mobile exam centre and we have partnered with providers around the globe to enable our international clients to write their exams.

Our products are aimed at a diverse set of customers, including matric learners, corporate clients, small business entrepreneurs, training institutes, government organisations as well as any other individual looking to up-skill themselves and secure future career opportunities.

Given that the learning material is developed and owned by Microsoft, you can rest assured that you are buying credible material that adheres to top quality standards.