Online study and support

Do I need special software to study online?

No – You only need an Internet connection, Internet Browser and your computer or device to access the Internet from.

What support is available to learners?

Each learner is assigned a project co-ordinator upon registration. You will contact this person with all your support needs during your studies. Any technical issues experienced will also be channeled through your project co-ordinator.

Are your courses 100% online or will I have to attend class as well?

Our courses are offered online completely – All learning material and resources are accessed online.


When does registration close?

Our registration period remains open throughout the year.  There is no deadline for registration – You can register at any time.

How much does registration cost?

We do not charge registration fees.

Legitimacy of the courses

Are your courses registered with the South African Department of Education?

The courses are linked directly to their specific independent vendors and they result in international certification, hence you need to complete the international exams in order to be certified. As these are internationally certified courses, they are not governed by the South African Quality Councils. Microsoft has its own set of standards and governance that they apply to the certification of their courses.  

How do I know you are a legitimate company and that this is not a scam?

Our company, Idleads, is registered with the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Commission, registration number 2013/118032/07 (can be validated on  Our company website is  Idleads Online is a division of our training company and we are accredited with the Services SETA as well ETDP SETA. We have also been evaluated and currently belong to the Microsoft Imagine Academy Programme.   We are passionate about learning and education, and would like to grow our brand globally. 



Do I write my exams online, or at a specific venue?

All exams are written at a venue, to be confirmed before you register for the exam. We are a mobile testing centre and can also connect clients to various testing centres around the world.

Fees & Payment

How do I make payment for the courses

  • You can search for the course online and add it to your shopping cart. When you opt to checkout, you will be able to make payment by credit card or by bank deposit.
  • Alternatively, you can contact us and we can provide you with a formal quote or pro-rata invoice. Our banking details will appear on the quote and on the invoice.

Are exam fees included in the course price?

The international (external) exam price is subjected to the ZAR/USD exchange rate at the time of making the exam booking.  The price for the external exam is not included in the course price.

Can I pay off my course in installments?

Yes, we offer payment terms for bundled courses, or if you enroll for more than 1 course.  Payment terms do not apply if you only enroll for 1 course.  You will therefore need to pay the full amount in cash up front if you enroll for a single course.

Do you offer bursaries or study loans for any of the courses?

No, we do not offer this at present.